Basic poster for Belfast Exposed by Sean McKernan, presented by
The Salida Circus Outreach Foundation and Colorado Theater in Non-Traditional Spaces, 2022

Promotional poster for The ARK Magazine, a local culture and arts publication.

“Pledge” decorative poster with space-themed background, vintage scroll piece to hold text, with stylized typography to give it substance. 2022

Graphic layers to create depth with stylized font and informational text
on a subtly textured background for the Encore Club, Zurich, 2011

Electronically created background with text overlay for the Purdue Muslim Student Association 2018

Promotional poster for The Salida Circus, announcing their circus showcase in Denver, CO, 2021

Promotional poster for “Honeyland,” a documentary that won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival in the World Cinema Documentary category.